National Accounts Program

Building Materials & Maintenance


Here, you will find great deals on equipment like appliances, washers, dryers, exercise equipment, etc.

Adams-Burch (Janitorial Supplies & Equipment)

Adams-Burch is a recommended supplier to the Seventh-day Adventist Church with premier contract pricing.

Contact: Mariann Powell, MS, R.D., Director of Healthcare
Telephone: (301) 789-9115
Fax: (301) 386-0204
Email: [email protected]

Calico Industries (Janitorial Service)

Calico Industries, Inc. is a recommended supplier to the Seventh-day Adventist Church for all food service equipment and supplies. SDA locations receive a 17% discount off standard catalog pricing.

Contact: Dorina Peri
Telephone: (800) 638-0828 ext. 235
Fax: (301) 498-2056


Providing Strategic & Business Advantages

The aim of the Healthcare Council’s wholly-owned subsidiary, ShareSource, is to serve its membership in the promotion of programs and services that will enhance the members ability to operate their organizations successfully and cost-effectively with integrity and competency. ShareSource, as part of The Healthcare Council, integrates with the association’s core function by recruiting partners who can help hospitals and other healthcare providers resolve tough pain points. These endorsed partners, in turn, engage teams to help solve problems by identifying and understanding the right problem to solve.

Jami Starliper
Director of Partner Development
4061 Powder Mill Road, Suite 100
Calverton, MD 20705
Direct: 301-732-5413
Email: [email protected]